With over 30 years of experience, Kelly Plant Hire is a company you can trust. We have the very best technology, 24/7 support and will ensure your project is a complete success.

Bucher V80 Road Sweeper

Our Bucher V80 is a lightweight, strong road sweeper that can easily remove dirt from any surface. This model ensures optimal sweeping results with its innovative sweeping technology, keeping your surroundings immaculate.

With our Beam technology fitted to all our fleet, Clients have the option to employ beam sweeping capability which utilises ultra-high-pressure jets to blast away ground in mud and dirt to ready areas for blacktop laying, handovers or where the highest presentation is required.

Our Bucher V80 Beam Road Sweepers are perfect for motorways, construction & industrial sites.

S14000 Beam Sweeper

Cleanliness is being revolutionised with the S14000 Beam Sweeper thanks to its advanced technology. The S14000 ensures a clean environment by efficiently eliminating dust, dirt, and allergens. It has a powerful suction mechanism and accuracy sensors fitted.  Due to its huge size, the S14000 road sweeeper is perfect for: airports, racetracks and large open areas.

Dust Suppression Tanker

Our Dust suppression Tanker has a huge 18,000 litre water tank which gives it the ability to carry out dust suppression to very large areas. It integral spray bar effectively puts down water with out creating additional dust disturbance. The tanker can also be used for support where water refills are required such as planning,  soil mixers or sewer cleaning.

The Benefits

You may have come here looking for road sweepers for sale but the benefits of hiring over purchasing are clear. Not only will we save you a huge initial outlay, our services are of the highest quality, reliable and will save you both time and money. All of our operators are trusted individuals who are highly qualified, extremely experienced and have used our quality road sweepers on sites that include health authority contracts; educational establishments; civil airports; military installations and live traffic situations. Call us today on 01527 894324 and we’ll answer any questions you have.

High quality road sweepers

  • High Capacity Water Tank/Detergent Tank
  • Magnetic Bar for collection of Foreign Object Debris (Airports)
  • Dual Sweep
  • Ultra High Water Pressure
  • Full Width Washing and Suction
  • High Capacity Collection
  • Gully Suction Attachment
  • Handlance
  • Reverse Camera, Radar and White Noise Alarm

We used a mixture of standard road sweepers and high-pressured beam road sweepers during the project. No matter which road sweeper was sent to us they were of the highest order, new machines, maintained to the highest standards.

I have been using Kelly Plant for over 20 years to assist in the delivery of my projects. The team have a positive attitude and their culture of safety and quality is a welcoming benefit to my sites.