Beaming for Vaisakhi

Vaisakhi is a spring festival which happens on the 13th or 14th of April. Its meaning is to celebrate when Sikhism was created as a collective faith. KellyPlantHire provided this festival with a free sweeper service using our Beam Sweepers. Helping provide cleanliness and safety.

Helens FORS Practitioner Achievement

Congratulations to Helen Swarbick for successfully completing her FORS Practitioner standard in safe, clean and efficient fleet management! The FORS practitioner is a series of 15 highly informative and insightful modules that cover all aspects of fleet management. Completing the modules help demonstrate your own Continuing Professional Development as outlined in requirements D4, S5 and G5 of the […]


The Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme (FORS Gold) accreditation is a voluntry scheme to promote saftey, efficiency and enviromental performance for fleet operators. Bronze, Silver, and Gold are the three FORS accreditation levels that are available for acquisition. Operators must fulfil progressively more challenging requirements to advance to the next level, which signifies a greater degree […]

Road Sweeper Safety Features

All of our sweepers are equipped with up-to-date safety measures ensuring that members of our team and members of the general public are kept safe These safety measures include: Warning lights –  All round beacons fitted, including wide beacon bars fitted to the cab roofs. A 4-way camera system fitted to the trucks. Footage is […]

Beaming at Birmingham Airport

Safety is of paramount importance on any airport project. Runways and taxiways have to be meticulously clean. Birmingham Airport turned to Kelly Plant Hire so they have the confidence that no stone will be left behind. Our modern road sweeper fleet not only pack serious cleaning power, but they are also equipped with modern safety […]

Kelly Plant Hire supports HS2 Construction

HS2 is a flagship project to provide a new high speed rail link between London and Birmingham. The project, which started in 2020, is one of the biggest projects carried out in the UK and involves many Contractors. The scheme comprises 140 miles of track, state of the art stations, 32 miles of tunnels and […]

Beam Road Sweeping the A30 Cornwall

On February 6th, 2020, permission was granted to start the project for the A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross Scheme, In march 2020, the production started. The construction of the a30 consists of: 10 new underpasses and underbridges 3 new bridges over the new road Refurbishment of an existing structure Over 2.6 million cubic metres of […]

Custom Road Sweeper reveal

F1 Silverstone 14th-16th July 2017

We’re proud to have sent three Beam sweepers to Silverstone to be part of the huge team for their Formula 1 event over the three days…