Our Beam Sweeper

Johnston Beam

Our Johnston Beam S14000 was custom made to our requirements in Denmark by Beam and joined the fleet in Summer 2016. It delivers the very latest in sweeper technology from BEAM, the world\’s leading manufacturer of specialist sweepers. Its core strengths are high pressure washing capability, large tank and hopper capacity. These two features combine to deliver high performance cleaning of difficult road surfaces such as stained concrete, porous surfaces and asphalt.  Since taking delivery of the BEAM it has worked on Gatwick Airport and London City Airport on applications such as rubber removal and apron/manoeuvring areas.

Water Capacity

With an 9000L clean water tank capacity and 14 cubic meter waste hopper, the BEAM is able to stay on site for longer leading to fewer interruptions for waste disposal and a much longer station time. This makes the BEAM perfect for time critical jobs as it is able to work continuously for long periods, uninterrupted.

High Pressure Spraying Capability

One of the core strengths of the S14000 BEAM is the \’Back to Black\’ results it delivers when compared to traditional BEAMS. \’Back to Black\’ technology is possible due to the BEAM being fitted with a front full width high pressure spray bar. This delivers a maximum flow of 106 litres per minute at 200 bar. To put it plainly, it delivers three times the amount of water pressure than a traditional VT800 Sweeper. Couple this with a rear full width suction BEAM with turbo nozzles and fan rotating jet nozzles, and \’Back to Black\’ is easily achieved.  The turbo nozzles on the suction BEAM are particularly effective at lifting ground-in dirt and stubborn stains on concrete or tarmac. We have found that the Fan jet nozzles also deliver a much cleaner finish to the surface than conventional sweepers. Finally, the suction power of the BEAM machine is such that the majority of the water is sucked into the hopper leaving the surface suitably dry for immediate use.

Front Mounted Magnet Bar

Our BEAM is fitted with a front mounted magnet bar designed to collect ferrous objects from a runway or road surface. The magnet is raised and lowered pneumatically by a control switch in the driver\’s cab. This is a great time saver on site as the plate can be swung down automatically to make removal of foreign objects quick and easy.

Examples of hire

We have found that the BEAM is ideal for a variety of applications including civil engineering projects such as \’Smart Motorway Schemes\’, airport cleansing,  MOD contracts, car parks, hospitals, and house building sites.

With the large sweeper cab the BEAM Sweeper is equipped to work countrywide for long term hires. If you require our BEAM SWEEPER or any of our other fleet please contact us on 01527 894 324 or 07860 826642.

Vehicle Specs :

  • Volvo FM 330  Johnston Beam S14000
  • Dual Beam Sweeper
  • High Pressure Equipment : 200 Bar @ 106 Ltrs/Min
  • Rotor Cleaner System Mounted Behind Rear Axle Including Wide Suction
  • Hopper Capacity: 14m3
  • Water Capacity: 9000 Ltrs
  • Reverse camera system
  • Reverse radar system
  • Reverse white noise system
  • Front & Rear Safety LED Lighting