Road sweepers you can rely on

With over 30 years of experience, Kelly Plant Hire is a company you can trust. We have the very best technology, 24/7 support and will ensure your project is a complete success.


Round the clock support is provided for our road sweepers to ensure there is no downtime for your project


We have a fleet of proven road sweepers that are highly maintained and can be relied upon


Road sweeping operatives who follow site and company regs, while going the extra mile to support your project

We’ve used Kelly Plant Hire for our site road sweepers for a number of years, and they always provide us with an excellent onsite service. The road sweeps are always on time, and they will go the extra mile for any urgent requirements.

We have been using Kelly Plant Hire for road sweeping, for a number of years now. Their operators work to a high standard and are one of the most reliable road sweeper companies I have come across.

High quality road sweepers

  • High Capacity Water Tank/Detergent Tank
  • Magnetic Bar for collection of Foreign Object Debris (Airports)
  • Dual Sweep
  • Ultra High Water Pressure
  • Full Width Washing and Suction
  • High Capacity Collection
  • Gully Suction Attachment
  • Handlance
  • Reverse Camera, Radar and White Noise Alarm

We used a mixture of standard road sweepers and high-pressured beam road sweepers during the project. No matter which road sweeper was sent to us they were of the highest order, new machines, maintained to the highest standards.

I have been using Kelly Plant for over 20 years to assist in the delivery of my projects. The team have a positive attitude and their culture of safety and quality is a welcoming benefit to my sites.